Media recipes: TSB, GNB, Lactose Broth

Karl Roberts kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US
Tue Aug 12 13:18:22 EST 1997

Dear John,

Here is your recipe for lactose broth:

bacto-beef extract    3g.
bacto-peptone         5g.
bacto-lactose         5g.
per 1L diH20

If I can Find the others, I'll e-mail you again.

Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.
Prince George's Community College
Largo, MD 20774-2199

On Tue, 12 Aug 1997, John G. Wise wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to make the following media? Or perhaps where to
> find the recipe or perhaps where to buy the media? 
> 1)  TSB - Trypitcase Soy Broth
> 2)  GNB - Gram Negative Broth
> 3)  Lactose Broth
> They were not referenced in an article from the Can. J. Microbiol. from
> the early 1070s and we need to try to reproduce a described effect.
> Thanks. Please respond to my email address if possible.
> John
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