Freezing and salmonella?

cyc cyc at
Wed Aug 13 04:01:55 EST 1997

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, J. McGrath wrote:

> Bob Mulroy wrote:
> > I was surprised to find that a breeder of large herps was still
> > feeding
> > them chicken even after all the scare on salmonella.  He said that
> > salmonella was killed by deep-freezing, (3 days at -20 C) and wouldn't
> >
> > be a problem.
> >
> >         Is salmonella killed under such conditions?
>    Microorganisms are often stored (with some preparation) in liquid
> nitrogen (which is at least 200 degrees F below zero) for months to
> years!  Unless their is a "cold sensitive" strain I doubt that this is
> true

I agree that freezing does not wipe out salmonella,  even after freeze
thawing several times one cannot be absolutely certain.  In fact one of
the common way for humans to get infected is under-cooked chicken which
has been deep frozen.

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