Microbiology moderators needed

M. Latterich mlatterich at aim.salk.edu
Thu Aug 14 17:36:48 EST 1997

Dear Microbiologists,

I recently initiated a survey as to whether BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY should be
changed into a moderated newsgroup or stay unmoderated as is. 124 readers
responded to the survey, 25 of which were against moderation and 99 in
favor of. The readers who were against moderation often included arguments
why it may not be of great advantage to moderate a newsgroup, and that it
was easier just to delete spam rather than having to wait for approval by
the moderators. Some of the readers, who were in favor of moderation,
apparently receive the news by e-mail, and they are unwilling to download
spam because the often very long spam-messages will significantly prolong
the download-time.

In any case, the majority of readers who responded to my query are in
favor of moderation. I thus will initiate the change of
BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY into a moderated newsgroup. I should state in advance
that moderation will be minimal, and that I and the other moderators will
only filter out messages that clearly are spam or commercials that are
unrelated to microbiology. I will not, by any means, censor any message
for contents and will post all messages as long as they are not spam. What
this means is that you no longer should have to worry about receiving
inflammatory racial messages and ads for various services that are clearly
not related to microbiology.

To ensure that all messages are moderated at least once a day, I need to
find two volunteers that are willing to help moderating the newsgroup at
times when I am out of town. It should not involve a lot of work, except
the persons have to have free access to a computer that is permanently
hooked up to the internet.


Martin Latterich

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