Freezing and salmonella?

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Thu Aug 14 15:17:32 EST 1997

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<rmulroy at>Sun, 10 Aug 1997 10:07:56 -0500 writes:
}I was surprised to find that a breeder of large herps was still feeding
}them chicken even after all the scare on salmonella.  He said that
}salmonella was killed by deep-freezing, (3 days at -20 C) and wouldn't
}be a problem.
}Is salmonella killed under such conditions?

Seems like I heard somewhere that there are two sides to the

1-that quick deep deep freezing allows for survival, variable
recocery based on what they are frozen with.

2-that slower not so deep freezing, over time  will be less
likely to have survival, not variable with media. This would
*probably* not hurt some of the more tolerant spores\cysts but
over time should.

The jist of the rationale was that slow, not so cold freezing
allowed crystalization of water thus destroying structure and
freeze burning the object in question (n matter how small).

quick deep deep freezing via nitrogen vs your -5-10 C. home

tom c.

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