Thermofillic sporeformers PART II

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Hello here we are again, with some more info.

So far we identify the TS(thermofillic sporeformers) with the following
but we are trying to find a easier and faster method.

This is the standard procedure,


the amount of TS that grow(on TSA - Triptic Soy Agar ) after a
heattreatment of 100 °C/30 min
and incubation of 2 days at 55°C


- TSA ; Merck 105458
- TSB ; Merck 105459


- Take a sample and dilution of 1:10,  10g sample and 90g TSB 42°C (triptic
soy broth)

-Take 2 tubes and insert 10ml from your 1:10 suspension

-Give a heattreatment of 30min /100°C

-Cool the tubes down(fast)
 (increases the growth of TS)

- Insert 5 x 2 ml from the treated sample in petri dishes(14cm)

- Add +40 ml melted TSA, 

- Incubate the petri dishes 3 days at 55°C. Keep the stove moist so that
the dishes don't dry out.


count the Kolonies of all dishes together.

Amount of kolonies is The amount of TS/g

 -Positive - spore's of Baccillus stearothermophilus 

 -Negative - spore's of S. Aureus


If you know any faster and easier method, all sugestions are welcom.

I'd like to thank all "repliers for there help and answers"

By the way my name is Désiréée and i am using someone els' e-mail
But you can reply at :
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