American Society for Microbiology

c.boord at c.boord at
Wed Jan 29 02:14:10 EST 1997

>Hi there
>Can anyone tell me where I can find a site re. the American Scoiety
>for Microbiology. In particular I need to find out if it is possible
>to access the proceeding/abstracts of the societies meetings.
>Thanks for your help.
>Larry Dolley
>Dept. Biological Sciences
>Peninsula Technikon
>P.O. Box 1906
>Bellville 7535
>South Africa
>Phone: +27 21 9596276
>Fax:   +27 21 9596095
>Cell:  0822006895
>e-mail: ldolley at

I can!!

Try is also an email
address.....meetingsinfo at

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