Reclaiming Bacteria Off of Agar Plates

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Jordan Gottlieb wrote:
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> >I hope I'm not oversimplying things, but can't you just use a loop to scrap
> >them off.
> >Karen
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> I suppose I did forget one minor point.  I am trying to reclaim them
> before I see any visible growth.  Thanks everyone for all the good
> ideas.  If there are any more out there, I'm willing to listen. :)
> -Jordan Gottlieb
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You might like to try this - overlay the plate with a sterile disc of 
semipermeable membrane of some type, grow the bugs on that and then lift 
the disc out. Cellophane discs for use in preserving fruit are worth 
trying. Soak them for 24 hours or so in purified water, change the water 
and then autoclave them in the water. (Some of these materials have 
plasticisers which can be inhibitory.) You also need to be sure that the 
bugs don't digest the disc! A dissolvable membrane would be ideal.

I used this method as a student about 25 years ago for cultivating an 
obligate fungal mycoparasite on its host without the two being in contact 
- host in the agar and parasite on top of the disc.

Graham Shepherd
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