an organism that lives n dies on excrement

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Sat Mar 1 22:48:35 EST 1997

alesi wrote:
> this is a serious question: what is the name of an organism that lives and
> dies on/in human/animal excrement? i really need this info, thanks. plz
> email me at alesi at
Fungi there are many coprohilous (dung inhabting) fungi
they include, but are not limted to:
Pilobolus sp.
members of the order Mucorales
about 175 genera of ascomycetes are coprophilous
the agaric genus coprinus has many dung exclusive members
anamorphs of the Kickxellales

just to mention a few

check introductory texts on mycology
or fungal ecology

my names and nomeclature may be off its been a while

if you don't have access to books? try a web search with the above terms

Good luck

Also many insects begin their lives on dung 
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