Reclaiming Bacteria Off of Agar Plates

Doug Jones djones at
Sat Mar 1 22:11:08 EST 1997

Jordan Gottlieb wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Feb 1997 08:43:43, antonelli.2 at
> (Karen) wrote:
> >
> >I hope I'm not oversimplying things, but can't you just use a loop to scrap
> >them off.
> >Karen
> >
> I suppose I did forget one minor point.  I am trying to reclaim them
> before I see any visible growth.  Thanks everyone for all the good
> ideas.  If there are any more out there, I'm willing to listen. :)
> -Jordan Gottlieb
> jsgottli at

Try adding tetrazolium chloride to the agar.  Aerobic bacteria will
reduce it from colorless to red.  You should see the red color before
the colony is visible.


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