Bacterial Growth Animation

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Mon Mar 3 17:30:37 EST 1997

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>Your Assistance is Requested!
>I am a ninth grader biology student completing a project on the use of
>math and comoputers to model bacteria growth.  
>I have completed my laboratory phase and cultured E. Coli on blood
>agar plates, observed colony growth and counted the colonies at hourly
>I then formulated a growth rate (quad eq) and projected the growth
>curve for a 24 hour period.
>What I need is an animation program to help visualize that growth
>using a time-compressed animation.  I have a slide show that uses the
>hourly observations, but it is fairly primative and does not use the
>calculated growth rate (just static graphics is a slide show format.)
>I know that this 'real math' animation can be done, but I have neither
>the math or programming skills ( nor time to learn) to do it through
>Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
>Chris Cruthird   
>CMC282 at AOL.COM 

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