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4 March 1997

Dear Sirs:

I have received your advertisements on the microbio at net.bio.net Newsgroup.

I believe there are some basic rules regarding use of scientific newsgroups,
mainly on ethics and prudence of the subscribers, to stick strictly to the
contents and purpose of the Newsgroup, which in this case is MICROBIOLOGY.

Thus, without making any implications or moralizing on the subject of your
Company or website address, I strongly believe that you should restrain in
loading the system with your advertisements, especially through this
Newsgroup, as its sole intention and use is for scientific matters.

I do not think it is proper at all to use this scientific Newsgroup for
personal, commercial, lucrative or any other type of communicating.  There
are ways of advertising your business or others, without having to load this
Newsgroup with un- scientific, non- microbiological messages.

Yours truly,

Dr. Ricardo Lujan


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