Microbiology position

Kevin McCluskey kmcclusk at kumc.edu
Tue Mar 4 15:21:11 EST 1997

Midwest Grain Products, Inc., a medium-sized company
in the midwest has a position available for a
microbiologist to support their production of
mixed amylases by the fungus Aspergillus awamori.

The position will also have quality control responsibilities,
trouble-shooting responsibilities and development
responsibilities.  There are opportunities to
go beyond the present technology to introduce modern
developments in biotechnology into the existing process.

Midwest Grain produces these enzymes as part of their
alcohol production using mixed grain mashes. Individuals
familiar with industrial fermentation, alcohol produduction,
or grain processing are encouraged to consider this opening.

The position requires either a PhD or a MS degree
with several years of appropriate experience.
Excellent communication skills are essential.
The position will be in either the Peoria, Illinois
area or the Kansas City area.

Interested individuals should contact me for details
about applying for this position.

Kevin McCluskey

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