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>From reading Mr. Schwartz's reply, I am assuming that he works in some type
>of public relations position.  It is easy to see that he is educated, he
>uses 5 letter words not four.
>The information that I gathered about the Gamma radiation being produced
>from the body during a MRI came from consultation with Dr. Emanuel Kanal,
>Associate Professor Department of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh
>Medical Center.  He does have a website at      
>He does agree that gamma radiation is given off from the body and that
>there is a slight increase in the core temperature in the body of the
>patient as a result of the MRI.  He does not feel the there is sufficient
>amount of gamma radiation production to be of any harm however, none the
>less, there is gamma radiation production.

I will bet you never actually consulted with Dr Kanal. You've obviously just 
read his web page and you're so utterly thick that you didn't understand it. 

He does NOT agree that gamma radiation will be given off as only a complete 
imbecile would believe such complete tosh.

What he says is that protons relaxing back to the ground state after 
excitation would emit radiation which would be proprtional in energy to the 
magnetogyric ratio which is given the symbol gamma.

He actually says..."This energy would be in the radiofrequency range and is 
nonionizing". If you knew anything at all you'd know that this means the 
radiation is not the same as gamma radiation.

You are a complete prat and a liar. You did not consult with Dr Kanal and 
I'm sure he'd be nonpleased to find that some dickhead had been spouting 
bollocks under his name. Indeed it might even be enough for him to consider 
sueing somebody who'd do such a thing. After all, anybody who'd read your 
message above would assume that Dr Kanal was as stupid as you are.

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