Sodium metabisulfite

Bart K. Kwieciszewski riverflo at
Tue Mar 4 18:56:59 EST 1997

I have read in Current Protocols a receipe for a protease inhibitor mix
that includes sodium metabisulfate.  I've tried to look for some other
information on this reagent but the best I got was: an antioxidant,
pharmaceutical compound or... a preservative used in food production.  So
what's the deal here?  Does it stabilize the protease inhibitors?  The mix
includes some unstable ones like E-64, and Leupeptin but can sodium
metabisulfite have a stabilizing effect on them?  The buffer for the mix
is not Tris based so there is no danger of buffer degradation.

Bart K. Kwieciszewski
University of Washington
Regional Primate Research Center
Department of Microbiology
HSB H-331

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