A Radiation Tale: Was: Re: Magnetic Effects

SKG skg at asis.com
Wed Mar 5 16:58:41 EST 1997

>Afterward, there was a prolonged investigation involving two return trips to 
>Washington.  My friend in health physics calculated that the man received ten 
>times more radiation during the four airline trips than he received from the 
>plutonium exposure.
Yes, but the airline exposure was transient - the alpha decay of a
Pu238 particle lodged in the lung would be permanent, assuming it
stuck there.  The reason people express concern about such incidents
is that lung cancer is no laughing matter. 
Of course the quantity is important.......if the amount was really in
the picogram range or less, no sweat.....we hope. By the way, where is
this person now? Still alive and kicking, I hope.

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