microbiolog. methods for meat

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Thu Mar 6 12:27:44 EST 1997

In article <01bc2902$3e403540$211276c2 at pammer>, "Hans Peter Pammer" <pammer at magnet.at> says:
>I am looking for appropriate Methods to quantify spoilage of meat and meat
>Please e-mail me:       pammer at magnet.at

Quantify spoilage in terms of what?  Rancidity, microbial contamination?

If the latter, do you have either a standard, ie no tolerance for
certain beasts or allowable level in mind?

What kind of meat? Raw? Processed? Smoked? Vaccum Packed? Canned?

Respond-richardz at cy-net.net or ziprin at usda.tamu.edu

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