amylase assay?

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>> We isolated some strain which produces amylase. Amylase activity
>> was demonstrated by KI + I2 methods to be strong.
>> But supernatants containing amylase does not show any activities
>> by DNS methods. Does LB components inhibit DNS binding to degrades
>> starch? We are not still sure what microorganism it is.

>DNS methods?  Is this a common amylase assay?  Maybe a reducing end


The starch/iodine reaction will demonstrate the degradation of the starch 
polymer by an amylase but it does not follow that the starch is being degraded 
to low molecular weight reducing sugars which are determined with the 
dinitrosalysilic acid (DNS) reaction.

There are different classes of amylase which generate different end products.  
Time to hit the biochem textbooks!!

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