Bacterial Codon Usage Statistics

P.F.Ganderton bsu244 at
Mon Mar 10 13:47:38 EST 1997

Hi Folks,
	I need to analyse the codon usage of a regulatory gene from
Pseudomonas. I am looking for a source of a codon usage table for this
genus which has an associated analysis of variances for each entry. I
would also like to know if there is a codon usage table floating around
for "Eubacteria" or "Gram negatives" or something like that. I know I
could construct them but if anyone has already done so I would be most
greatful for the time saved ! 

			Thanks for any help

Richard C. Ogden,		E-mail: r.c.ogden at
School of Biological Sciences,
University of Wales, Bangor,	Tel:01248-351151  ext. 2368
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