HELP!: Extracting phospholipids from bacteria.

Mark S. Han shan2 at
Wed Mar 12 14:19:40 EST 1997

What is the best way to extract phospholipids from bacteria?  Currently, I
am trying to reproduce John E. Cronan's two-dimensional thin layer
chromatography analysis of bacterial lipids.  I'm working with lyophilized
bacteria and extracting them with the Folch method.  Using two milligrams
of lyophilized bacteria, I can't get enough phospholipids to visualize on
the TLC.  Since I can get standards such as phosphatidylethanolamine and
phosphatidylglycerol to visualize using iodine on the TLC at quantities of
around 1 microgram, I think I'm getting an extremely low yield for my
phospholipid extraction.  If anyone could help me and offer some advice or
references, I'd very much appreciate it.  Thanks!


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