Skeletal Troponin C antibody.

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at
Thu Mar 13 12:27:46 EST 1997

Obaid Y. Khan wrote:
> I am looking for a specific monoclonal antibody, if available, for the
> contractile muscle protein, skeletal Troponin C. If this is available from a
> commercial source or from any research group who are developing it. I
> know there are a few available for cardiac Troponin C and Troponin I. Any
> help/information will be appreciated.
> Obaid Khan

Perhaps you could correspond with these folks.

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614-447-3600 X3198
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TI   A monoclonal antibody that recognizes different conformational states
     of skeletal muscle troponin C and other calcium binding proteins

AU   Strang, Priscilla F.; Potter, James D.

CS   Sch. Med., Univ. Miami, Miami, FL, 33101, USA

SO   J. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. (1992), 13(3), 308-14

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