Info. request: Proteus spp. in UTIs

Michael Spiers mspiers at
Thu Mar 13 16:12:48 EST 1997

Johannes Westendorf wrote:
> Tony Balacs wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know whether Proteus species are likey urinary tract
> > pathogens in a toddler with urinary reflux?  Are they nephrotoxic and
> > are they common intestinal/fecal organisms?
> > Thanks.
> > Tony Balacs (tbalacs at
>  Proteus mirabilis is a common strain of intestinal bacteria which often
> is involved in infections of the bladder and upstream urinary organs. If
> such bacteria get into the bladder of the kid they likely will produce
> problems. if such problems occur, ask your doctor about prevention.
> J. Westendorf
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