Pathogen Modeling Program 5.0

The Buchanan's 4ducks at
Thu Mar 13 21:12:32 EST 1997

The latest version of the USDA Pathogen Modeling Program (version 5.0)
can now be downloaded from the Eastern Regional Research Centers
website (  This new version, which has been rewritten
for Windows,  provides a user friendly means of using  the models that
have been developed at ERRC for the growth or survival of various
foodborne pathogens.  Be patient if you have trouble downloading the
program; there is a lot of activity.  If are unable to download, you
can alternatively a copy by providing your mailing address to either
of the e-mail addresses listed below.  This may take a while to reach
you since there is already a substantial backlog of requests.

Bob Buchanan & Richard Whiting
Wyndmoor, PA, USA

rbuchanan at
rwhiting at 

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