Gel Documentation System

Albert Labossiere alabossi at
Fri Mar 14 17:41:04 EST 1997

I am undertaking the purchase of a CCD camera system to be
incorporated in a digital imaging core facility intended to replace
conventional photography in a Biochemistry & Microbiology department.
Most of our applications involve documentation of  DNA Gels, Protein
Gels,  Blots, etc.  We’re looking at systems Alpha Innotech, Bio-rad
and Stratagene.  After a cursory evaluation our preference is for the
Alpha Innotech ChemiImager 4000.

Does anyone have any comments about:
- the ChemiImager 4000 or  other systems relevant to our application?
- other significant players in the field that we should look at?
- the relative merits of this technology as compared to photography?
- this instrumentation issue in general
- Kodak's new gel doc system?

I would sincerely appreciate input either through the group or by
email at alabossi at

Thanks in advance

Albert Labossiere

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