Candida contamination in cell culture???????

Obaid Yusuf Khan 9321531k at
Sun Mar 16 07:58:02 EST 1997

We have had some contamination in our cel culture which looked very strange, 
like black specks but slightly motile! Had it checked out and there was "come 
evidence of candida". I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems and 
knows how to get rid of it. One other person in our university had similar 
problems and it turned out to be candida also. These black specs do not take 
over the tissue culture dishes liek bacterial and yeast or fungal contamination 
does, but sustains itself, but becomes lesser in density as the cells grow older. 
Does anyone know how to control Candida contamination in culture. We have 
tried Nyastatin, but its not very effective.
Obaid Khan

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