Candida contamination in cell culture???????

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Sun Mar 16 18:14:34 EST 1997

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> We have had some contamination in our cel culture which looked very strange, 
> like black specks but slightly motile!

Sounds like plain old brownian movement and not motility.

>Had it checked out and there was "some evidence of candida".

And what does that mean exactly? Was it cultured on solid media? Was IFA,
DFA or ELISA performed? What do these specks look like under higher
magnification (>400X)? Was PCR or hybridization performed with Candida
specific primers/probe?

>One other person in our university had similar problems and it turned out
to be >candida also.

Color me unconvinced by what you have written; nothing you have said thus
far indicates that a positive Candida identification has been made.

If your serum is heat-inactivated it can give non-living particulate
material which behaves as you describe - black specks which "move".
Pressure filtration of media/serum will remove these particulates.

Waiting for more info....


Karl Fischer
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