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At 15:09 17/03/97 GMT, you wrote:
>I am trying to grow Mycobacterium vaccae obtained from ATCC.  This is a
>methylotrophic bacterium, so I have tried various minimal and rich media
>for Mycobacterium with and without methanol.  So far (after 3 days at 37
>deg. C) I only see faint growth.  ATCC recommends using Lowenstein-Jensen
>medium, but this calls for a solution of hen's eggs, among other strange
>ingredients which I do not possess.  Does anyone have a simpler medium
>that I could try for liquid growth?  Since I have a pure culture, I do not
>need to differentiate or isolate colonies (which is what the
>Lowenstein-Jensen medium was intended to do, as far as I can tell).
>Thanks for any assistance.

You can try with a good broth called MIDDLEBROOK Medium-7H9. This broth is
from DIFCO and the code number is 0713-01-7. If you want you can use the
Bacto Middlebrook OADC Enrichment for better results (DIFCO 0722-64-0).

Good luck,

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