Seeking gyrA462 CcdBR Ecoli mutant

Bradley Turner bsturner at MBCRR.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Mar 17 14:42:04 EST 1997

Dear Staff,

I am looking for a source of an E. coli mutant strain containing
the CcdB resistance mutation (in the DNA-gyrase gene)
 DH2 {B462 (gyrA462, laqIq)}  or
B216(D1210 gyrA462, zei 298::Tn10, laqIq)

as described by Phillipe Bernard in citations:

BioTechniques 21(2):320-323, August 1996
"Positive selection of Recombinant DNA by CcdB
P Bernard

Gene 162:159-160, 1995
"New ccdB positive-selection cloning vectors with kanamycin
or chloramphenicol selectable markers"
P. Bernard

Journal of Molecular Biology 226:735-745, 1992
"Cell killing by the F plasmid CcdB protein involves poisoning
of DNA-Topoisomerase II complexes"
P Bernard and M Couturier

these strains are used in the propogation of pKIL vectors containing
the DNA-gyrase poison ccdB.

Please let me know if you can supply this strain, or if not, whether
you might know the phone/fax/email/address of another E coli
stock center (particularly ones in Europe or Belgium or France, the
home of the author) that might carry these.

Thank you,
Brad Turner

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