Dinosaur DNA

Paul Clark pj.clark at zetnet.co.uk
Mon Mar 17 15:04:45 EST 1997

Just out of a matter of interest is it possible to get DNA from 
Dinosaur bones or flys , that would pure for testing? 

In the christmas lectures at the Royal Institute (on English 
television) the lecturer said that the only way believed possible was 
mosquitoes but, they found mosquitoes contaminated the DNA hence 
Dinosaurs are dead of ever as there blue print is gone.

But, In a television program on channel 4  ' The secrets of the 
Pharoahs ' there was a man that claimed to have removed the DNA from 
a Diasaurs bone .'   Is this true, was it pure?

If it is pure what sort of things could we get from it? 'Possible 
Jurassic parks when conbined with cloning????'  


Paul Clark in Plymouth England
PJ.clark at zetnet.co.uk

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