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Wed Mar 19 09:14:05 EST 1997

Dear All,

There is an open position for a Postdoctoral Fellow in our group at the 
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Biology, Plant Science Institute. The 
position is effective beginning of 1997.  The current work is on the structure, 
function, biogenesis and regulation of expression of cytochromes and cytochrome 
complexes of photosynthetic bacteria, with emphasis on the molecular genetic and
biochemical approaches to progress our understanding of prokaryotic energy 
transducing complexes as model systems for higher organisms [see J. Bacteriol. 
177: 608-6139 (on cyt cy); Biochemistry 34: 15979-16012 and BBA 1275: 61-69 (on 
cyt bc1 complex); Biochemistry 33: 3120-3127 (on cyt cbb3 oxidase) and J. 
Bacteriol 178: 5279-5290 (on cyt c biogenesis)].  

The person suitable for this position should ideally have a solid background and
experience either in molecular biology and bacterial genetics or protein 
chemistry and spectroscopy, a desire to learn multidisciplinary approaches and 
interested in structure/function, biogenesis and regulation of microbial energy 
transduction. The salary will be commensurate with experience, and the person 
interested should send me CV, description of research accomplishments and 

For additional information I can be reached at (215) 898-4394, Fax: (215) 
898-8780 and my Email address is fdaldal at


Fevzi Daldal

Professor                                fdaldal at
U. Penn/Biology                           phone:(215) 898-4394
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