microbial testing for lubricants

PradipG pradipg at aol.com
Thu Mar 20 16:32:38 EST 1997

You may consider using respirometery method to test your lubricants for
We have made some experiments for testing latex paint for bacteria
contamination using produced by us Micro-Oxymax Respirometer. This
instrument can measure O2 consumption  and CO2 production on the order of
0.2 ul/h and can detect bacterial counts on the order of 1 million cells
or more. 1 to 80 samples can be tested by this instrument.
I can send description of equipment and data related to mesuring latex
paint contamination  if you e-mail your street address. You may also look
at :
WWW.RESPIROMETER.COM where this instrument is described.
Jan Czekajewski,Ph.D.
Columbus Instruments

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