???Enterobacter aerogenes???

Linda E. Williams linda.na at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 20 23:15:34 EST 1997

HELP!  I'm writing my microbiology lab report at home.  When I
performed the thioglycollate test on e. aerogenes, I made a mistake and
so my results don't tell me anything.  I need to know what kind of
organism e. aerogenes is.  Is it aerobic, anaerobic, facultative, etc. 
I really need to know this asap.  The only thing I have with me is my
lab  book which has no information on this particular bacteria.  The
only thing my handout says is that it is oxidative to weakly
fermentative.  I think that is referring to its fermentation abilities
in glucose.  If anyone knows the answer to this, please respond.  Thank
you very much.  lindsey (linda.na at ix.netcom.com)

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