Eternal Life Device Invented. Stop Aging completely. true

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Sat Mar 22 19:51:42 EST 1997

Alex Chiu wrote:
> I, Alex Chiu, am a complete idiot and con artist who doesn't realize
> that I posted my ad to science newsgroups, where advertising is
> strongly frowned upon, and that no one whatsoever will believe me
> because my theories are complete garbage. Oops.

Well put.  

Advertising for jobs is acceptable.  Advertising for commerce can be
acceptable.  "Eternal Life Device Invented" is to be stored in the Great
Midden along with Krebiozen, N-Rays, Orgone Energy, Kryon, the Proton
Belt, Xenu, the One True Church (pick one, any one or combination
thereof), socialism, Infinite Energy Device, amygdalin, coffee enemas,
breast enlargement creams, and Hillary Ramrod Clinton.

(Did Bubba Billy do his knee while playing a little night basketball
with Tipper Gore, or after he refused to share with Hillary?)

Alan "Uncle Al" Schwartz
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