Fluorescent antibody techniques

David A. Bailey gen124 at sysc.abdn.ac.uk
Wed Mar 26 08:48:49 EST 1997

Karl Roberts (kr1 at PGSTUMAIL.PG.CC.MD.US) wrote:
: Hello all,
: 	We have a fluorescent microscope in our lab which has not been 
: what would be a reasonable bug to use for general labs, and a potential 
: supplier for tagged antibodies?  As always, your help is greatly 

If it's is for teaching purposes you may want to look into using GFP in yeast
which shows up really well under the uv filters.  Also candida work with
flourescent dyes like DAPI and calcoflour are great for students especially
with hyphae where you can see the septa and nucleus very clearly
Just a small point it's a fluoresCENCE microscope I presume, a flouresCENT
microscope is just one that's easy to find in the dark :-/

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