Candida contamination in cell culture???????

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Wed Mar 26 08:29:04 EST 1997

Karl Fischer (tyr-2 at wrote:
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: > We have had some contamination in our cel culture which looked very strange, 
: > like black specks but slightly motile!
: >Had it checked out and there was "some evidence of candida".
Doesnt sound much like Candida to me, have a look under the microscope, if
it's Candida you should be able to see a mixture of yeast and hyphal form
cells and the hyphae clumping together.  Also It shouldn't be black,
Candida is white derriving its name from "toga Candida" the white robe worn
by candidates to the Senate in ancient Rome.  Your problem sounds more like
Aspergillus or Cladosporium.
If you have access to a flourescence microscope add a spatula tip of
calcofluor white any 'real yeasts' should stain up very brightly

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