Barbara Ann Macdonld

Chris Jones cjones at
Sat Mar 29 15:23:48 EST 1997

Hello. This is a posting made in the vain hope of a finding a longlost friend.

I met Barbara Ann Macdonld in Sydney Australia in 1988, where she was
working for a pathology firm named Mansfields Pathology. She was trying to
get onto the musical scene, with experience in acting and singing.

She is originally from New Zealand, I think in the South Island. Age now
approximately 42 years.

She originally specialised in veterinary microbiology, with a special
interest in sheep, though I think at this time she may have worked under
her maiden name, which I don't know.

I was a medical student when I last saw her in 1989-1990, and I worked
with her in the pathology lab mentioned.

If anyone thinks they might know Barbara and how I could contact her,
please email me on:

cjones at

She was a great friend to me, and it would be nice to hear from her.

Thanks for your time reading this message.

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