Biolog Corporation

Sysop sysop at org
Sat Mar 29 06:38:00 EST 1997

Their phone number is 510-785-2591 in Haywood, CA.  Their web site is
not quite up yet, but when it is I will include it in the Virtual
Library:  Microbiology section on companies
( that I am
developing to enhance the section.

Scott Sutton
The Microbiology BBS
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SN>I would appreciate it if someone could give information as to how to contact
SN>the Biolog Corporation (I believe that is the correct name).  They are the
SN>makers of a system for identifying bacteria and have a data base of perhaps
SN>6,000 species of bacteria, I believe


SN>Ted Snazelle, Chair
SN>Department of Biological Sciences
SN>Mississippi College
SN>Box 4045
SN>Clinton, MS 39058

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