Unknown bacteria

nospam dahd dahd at cy-net.net
Mon Mar 31 17:20:43 EST 1997

In article <01bc3a6b$a7811ea0$LocalHost at default>, "moonwatcher" <wagb281 at bellsouth.net> says:
>I recently inoculated two nutrient agar slants with an unknown bacteria.
>One will be kept at 25degrees and the other at 37degrees.  These will be
>kept for more than 24 hours.
>What is the best way to obtain the information needed in order to identify
>the bacteria.  Where would you start? 

I don't mean to be nasty with this response, but the nature of the
question suggests that you have never taken any course in bacteriology
or in microbiology.  I would advise that therefore you should not
be playing around with bacteria.

If this is part of some sort of a school project, hopefully your teacher
can help.  Otherwise, without some real education in micro you
are probably just spinning your wheels to no real purpose and you might
even endanger yourself, though this is not a highly probable occurrence.

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