Exchange pcDNA3 to pTAQ3

Slawek Dabrowski 18-22 slawek at
Sat Nov 1 03:41:12 EST 1997

Hello everybody,
        I'm very interested in mammalian expression vectors from family
pcDNA3.1 (Invitrogen). I would like to exchange this plasmid to 
plasmid pTAQ3 (pT7-7 plasmid with cloned gene of Taq DNA polymerase). You 
can use it for overexpression of Taq DNA polymerase in E.coli BL21(DE3).

        Thank you for your help,
                                Slawek Dabrowski
Technical University of Gdansk
Department of Microbiology
Narutowicza 11/12
80-952 Gdansk
tel./fax: +48 58 471822
e-mail: slawek at

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