The Worst Potential Genetic Nightmare?

Tobias Maier T.Maier at
Sat Nov 1 12:42:29 EST 1997

I found this in a microbiological text book today:

The microoorganism is: 1. always right 2. your friend 3. a sensitive
There are no stupid microorganisms
microorganisms can do anything
microorganisms will do anything
microorganisms are smarter, wiser, more energetic than you
if you take care of your microbial friends, they will take care of your
future (and you will live happily ever after)

(David Perlman's laws of applied microbiology)
if you want to write a novel, read and find what you want to write.


Jeff Gerke wrote:

> I am writing a novel involving genetic engineering. What, in the
> opinion of readers of this newsgroup, would be the worst possible
> thing that could be engineered with this technology?
> I am not an anti-genetics person, by the way, I'm just looking for a
> good "or else" scenario for my novel.
> What would it be? Making HIV airborne? Hybrid animals/humans? What
> would be the worst you could imagine?
> Thanks for your help.
> Jeff

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