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Also try to get to a meeting for one of the groups where lots of
Microbiologists are working.  ASM, PDA, etc. can help you make contacts.
Another thing to look for are companies that may be sponsoring research
projects within your university.  Most times you will not be able to get on
with them but they will have an idea of what is going on with in an industry
and will gladly gossip about who is adding people, who ran into regulatory
problems and is down sizing, good companies to work for, bad companies to
work for, etc.  Also bear in mind that you will probably not stay with your
first company for ever.  The old saying that it is easier to find a job when
you have one applies for sure.  Find something to pay the bills and get some
general, real world lab experince and then start digging.  I once had a head
hunter tell me that an average person in this day and age will work have at
least 5 jobs prior to settling down with a company in an area and that those
5 jobs would be within the first 10 to 15 years after school.

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>>Dear Trevor...
>Take a look at the discussions on the newsgroup science.research.careers
>THere are good careers to be had in scinece, but it can be a very
>tough risky career.
>Get career advice from people in the field who are NOT employed
>as faculty. 
>Talk to POSTDOCS in the field if there are any present in your lab.
>Talk to senior graduate students...

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