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LawsonSC lawsonsc at
Fri Nov 7 16:27:46 EST 1997


Bravo for doing your "homework" before you get out of high school, this will
 make it easier for you to avoid unexpected landmines in your upcoming academic

I am not familiar with the Canadian system but I have a few comments that
 should be universal.  One, definately talk to the department heads, they know
 the program better than anyone and can give you informed insights to the road

Two, if you are wanting to go on and get post graduate degrees, do not skip the
 basics.  It is much cheaper to take the courses at the undergrad level than
 when at post.  Also to the same vein these it is much better to take these
 courses with you undergrad load, you just don't want the added stress of
 catching up with your other post grad classes.  

Lastly, your statement of "my four year plan" is one to take another look at. 
 IMHO a student should not put a time limit on their university experience.  It
 is a great time to explore all avaible options of university life.  Take a
 time to live and relax, study hard but don't place artificial restrictions on
 yourself without good reasons.  My previous point may neccesitate another term
 or two and I know that the cost of schooling goes up by taking the extra
 terms, but I feel that they are worth it.

Good Luck

P.S.  Yes Biochem is more sought after in the job market, but once again choose
 your major out of passion for the subject than the $$$.

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