help in microbiology

Uga4564 uga4564 at
Sat Nov 8 13:06:22 EST 1997

I am looking for information concerning the following questions that pertain to
 microbiology.  If anyone knows the answers and/or a place to look these
 answers up please e-mail me at UGA4564 at Thank you for your help. 

1.  Explain how microbes have been genetically altered to "eat" crude oil
 components and name a Biotech company involved in this area.

2.  Several microorganismis including square prokaryotes have been found in
 enviroments having a very high salt content.  Discuss these microoragnisms and
 the influence that they have on the enviroment.

3.  Many companies are actively seeking out new therapies from ancient recipes,
 natural plant extracts etc.  Discuss 4 new herbal antimicrobail mediciens and
 indicate their origin, history and use.

4.  The plague is generally considered a Medieval disease, but sporadic cases
 still arise in the southwestern US.  What is being done to control the plague,
 and could epidemics still arise

5.  Discuss the major problems limiting the development of an effective AIDS vax.

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