Seeking actinomycete cell wall polysaccharide structure

Koen De Smet k.desmet at
Mon Nov 10 05:02:31 EST 1997

Matthew Stoecker wrote:
> Howdy all!
> Does anyone know a reference where the structure of the polysaccharide
> found in the cell wall of actinomycetes is described?  I am in particular
> looking for the structure of the polysaccharide from the
> Nocardia-Rhodococcus-Mycobacterium group.  Any help at all is appreciated.
> Thanks a lot!
> Matthew Stoecker
> University of Washington

The major polysaccharides in the mycobacterial cell wall are 
arabinogalactan and lipoarabinomannan. A Medline search for 
"mycobacterium" and these keywords will give you the relevant 

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