Staphylococcus faecalis

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Mon Nov 10 16:35:27 EST 1997

Dear Netters,

I have a bit of a dilemma that you may be able to help me with. The TA for 
my bacteriology class mixed the unknowns this year to be identified by the
class. He haa already handed them out to the lab groups. My problem is that 
the TA used the bacterial strain Staphylococcus faecalis. Now I am not sure
where in our frozen stocks he found this, but I have never heard of this
strain of Staph. I looked in Bergey's Manual and there is no mention of this
I checked with ATCC and they do not have this strain on their stock records.  
I am not certain whether my TA made a mistake or if this Staph strain really
does exist and was frozen away by one of my predecessors. I must find out
what the case may be because my students will be quite unhappy if I give
them an unidentifiable strain. Does anyone have any info on S. faecalis? Is
it real or all this all a horrible fever-dream? 

Dr. Jim Campanella
Lehigh University
Department of Biological Sciences

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