Bacterial identification keys ...

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at
Mon Nov 10 12:05:22 EST 1997

James Hunter wrote:

> IAll I'm asking is if anyone knows of any (fairly simple) bacterial
> identification keys to be found on the internet.  I just need to find
> a
> key that will show me a quick and *fairly* simple way of isolating and
> identifying a mixed culture of bacteria and yeasts in the lab. I'm not
> talking
> anything *too* complicated here, but I thought it might show a little
> ('little'
> being the operative word!) initiative if I tried to use the internet
> in a useful
> way (for once!!).

I'm afraid that there's still no substitue for the library - Warwick Uni
certainly has Bergey's Manuals (Systematic and Determinative) and the
Prokaryotes. If you're after simplicity, Go for Bergey's Determinative
Manual - editors Holt, Krieg, Sneath, Staley & Williams. ISBN

Lesley Robertson

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