Electrophoresis problems

Jason McClure bioman at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 10 16:44:38 EST 1997

I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this type of question, but
I'm a micro major, so here it goes.

Today in biochem lab, we are running analysis of mutant DNA versus wild
type in the rabbit hemoglobin gene. Restriction endonucleases were used,
then the DNA frags were run on an agarose gel. It is at this point things
started going wrong. Fuses in the power supply blew, a couple of times. To
make a long story short, we were pulling some 400mA and only, like, 85
volts. The supplied buffer solution was extremely concentrated and we used
to make up our agarose gel. So the ionic strength of our gels are huge. We
decided to let the gel run, because we ran out of time. 

If anyone has made this mistake before or experienced something like this,
what exactly is happening or will happen due to the high ionic strength of
our buffer solution in the agarose? Will the electrophoresis turn out in
the end? I don't quite understand the whole concept of what can go wrong
because of this. So if anyone can enlighten me, I'd be grateful!



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