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Gary Lum glum at
Tue Nov 11 06:16:34 EST 1997

James Hunter wrote:

> All I'm asking is if anyone knows of any (fairly simple) bacterial
> identification keys to be found on the internet.  I just need to find a
> key that will show me a quick and *fairly* simple way of isolating and
> identifying a mixed culture of bacteria and yeasts in the lab. I'm not talking
> anything *too* complicated here, but I thought it might show a little ('little'
> being the operative word!) initiative if I tried to use the internet in a useful
> way (for once!!).

Try your local friendly clinical microbiologist.  I'd go for a
university hospital if there is one around and ask to look as the Manual
of Clinical Microbiology put out by the american version of ASM or Cowan
and Steele, an excellent English perspective.



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