Please identify - possible danger from strange spoors in house.

Josh Ambrose Burbank josh at
Tue Nov 11 22:13:00 EST 1997

To whom it may concern:

Recently I moved into an apartment and have noticed that my athsma
related breathing
difficulties have at least doubled.  My wife and newborn son live with
me aswell.  Now the funny thing is just a little while ago I noticed
this black ball of mold growing in the hallway ceiling.  It looks like
an eyeball and seems to be soft but I dare touch it.  It really looks
evil with little white spots in it.  Then the other day the super came
over to our house to check around the toilet for leaks in the floor.
You see the downstairs people had mold growing in their ceiling and noi
we do to.  It's weird, and even weirder is that my wife told me tonight
that he was wearing a mask, the heavy duty kind with filters, when he
came up stairs.

Any advice on where to send a sample of this mold or how to get an
airspoor sample
or anything that could save our lives if they are at risk would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your blessings or response.

E mailto:burbank at
-Joshua B (Sunderland, MA) 665-HOWL

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