Bacterial identification keys ...

fpagotto at fpagotto at
Wed Nov 12 14:05:43 EST 1997

On 12 Nov 1997, Douglas A. Rice wrote:

> How do you do the identification???  Well the reason there is not one key
> is that there a millions of organisms that each isolate could be.  I would
> recommend a "standard" identification scheme.  The API systems will
> identify thousands of organisms as will Biolog and other systems.  Biolog
> is already computer based and API can be called for a search of their HUGE
> database once you develop the "code" by testing the (isolated) organism
> with their system. 

the problem with API and similar things is that you need pure cultures,
which already creates a problem (for example, do you want to isolate
anaerobically or aerobically? environmental vs. clinical vs. food items?)
Yeasts are a different story still (media wise, etc...)

You definately should have an idea what the heck you are looking for in
the first place...this and little training will help you in deciding what
to look for..

Good luck,


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