Isolation of thermophiles

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at
Wed Nov 12 06:59:09 EST 1997

Peter Wittlich wrote:

>         Hi folks,
> Does anyone have samples that probably contain thermophilic bacteria,
> e.g.
> soil samples from hot springs and fumaroles, that she/he can dispense
> with?
> I´m searching for bacteria that are able to use glycerol anaerobically
> as
> sole carbon source.
> Does anyone have data concerning the anaerobic use of glycerol by some
> thermophilic bacteria (genus, strains, enrichment and isolation,
> products)?
> I´m doing my PhD in a non-profit research center.
> THANKS a lot in advance!

   Since you're already in Germany, I suggest that you contact the lab
of Prof Karl Stetter at the University of Regensburg - he's one of the
world authorities on thermophiles.
Lesley Robertson

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